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Docking Systems

Docking systems are used in loading bays to load and unload goods. They are commonly found in commercial, industrial buildings and warehouses. Docking system consists of overhead doors, dock shelters, dock levellers, dock seals, indicator lights and vehicle restraints.

Edge Mount Dock Leveler

Dock Leveller

In order to bridge the gap between the truck and warehouse floor in a loading bay, dock levellers are used. Dock levellers are fixed permanently at each end of a dock.

Edge Mount Dock Leveler

Edge Mount dock Levelers are economical, allowing you to improve loading dock efficiency at a fraction of the cost of pit-mounted dock levelers. Initial cost is low. Maintenance is reduced to simple, periodic lubrication and adjustment.

These are easy to install on virtually any existing dock. No pit or other expensive concrete work is required. It requires only 35" back from dock edge. With either model, you can choose between various capacities. No matter which type you choose, you'll enjoy years of smooth, dependable service and easy operation.

Edge of Dock levelers is basically available in mechanical and Hydraulic models.

For Mechanically operated models, the operator simply places the lip hook in the notch at lip edge, lifts to raise the lip ad deck, and then extends the lip into the trailer.

For Hydraulically operated models, the operator simply presses and holds the control button until the leveler, reaches the fully extended position. The operator then releases the control button and the leveler automatically lowers to create a good working level with the truck bed. The hydraulic cylinders eliminate the need for a mechanical lip latch. This is an exclusive feature and eliminates lip latch breakage.

Telescopic Lip Dock Leveler

Dock leveller with telescopic lip is the most efficient device, which enables access of a forklift from the warehouse to the truck bed when loading/unloading. It is used when there is need of exact positioning of the lip on the truck bed. After activation, the deck rises and the lip slides ahead, then the deck lowers until the lip rests on the truck bed. After loading/ unloading is completed, the deck rises, the lip slides in and the dock leveller returns to its original position.

Hinged Lip Dock Leveler

JES HRD Flow Chart

Activation of hinged lip dock leveller causes the dock leveller to rise and then the lip turns and open and then the dock leveller lowers until the lip rests on the truck bed.

Sliding Dock Leveler

The sliding leveler covers most loading applications and can be used for height differences of up to 250 mm with a load capacity of 6000 kgs. The special tread plate surface gives a high quality anti slip surface. Finish is available in either galvanized or paint.

All these options protect against corrosion. The Leveller runs in an open base guide rail which prevents the collection of dirt and debris, ensuring smooth, easy sideways movement. Every leveller is fitted with underside springing to balance the weight of the platform.

Dock Shelter

Dock shelters are designed in such a way that they accommodate a broad range of trailer and doorway variations while granting unobstructed access to the trailer interior for fast and efficient loading and unloading. When a truck is parked against the dock, the shelter eliminates the gap between the building and the open trailer doors, keeping out wind, rain, and other airborne hazards and ensuring employee comfort and safety.

Dock seals and shelters greatly improve energy conservation, internal temperature and worker environment, product and packaging protection from outside elements, employee safety, as well as, reduce pilfering at the loading bay.

Retractable Dock Shelter

Classic model for installation when cargo traffic is moderate. The top and side sheets cover tightly the truck body and ensure sealing.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

They provide best sealing of temperature controlled premises during loading/unloading. Inflatable cushions cover the truck body in such a way that optimal sealing is achieved.

JES HRD Flow Chart

Dock House

Dock houses are used with all types of dock houses and dock levellers. The dock houses are pre assembled in pre packages. Cover strips ensure optimal sealing between building and dock house. Our dock seal fabrics are resistant to tearing, puncturing, abrasion, and weather conditions. We use top-grade materials to get the job done. our dock seals are easy to install, and both dependable and durable even during busy or aggressive usage conditions.

Dock Lift

In the event of an expensive pit/pad construction, Dock lifts are used. The unit is installed at dock face and mounted on locating cradles and wear plates. The dock lift provides flexibility for ground level loading/unloading operations.

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Vehicle Restraint

In order to keep a truck or trailer stationed at the dock, a retraining force up to 35000 lbs can be used. They protect against unscheduled departures and unwanted movement of the trailers. They require minimal maintenance.

Dock Bumper

The dock bumpers provide safe approach of trucks to the loading place and prevent damage to the walls of the loading/unloading bay. The bumpers are made of high impact resistance rubber which increases their wear resistance and durability.

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Wheel Guides

Wheel guides are used for quick and precise parking of trucks in a dock for preventing damages to the dock or the walls. They are designed to minimize possible contact with the truck wheel rim.

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