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Sectional Overhead Doors

Industrial Doors

Insulated sectional overhead doors are manufactured to suit individual openings for all types of commercial and industrial buildings where the need for energy conservation is desired. Most commonly used for warehouses, commercial buildings, industries, logistical applications, etc.

Doors are electrically and manually operated and Dosteen assists the customers from the design aspects to the installation of these doors and provide round the clock maintenance

Various types of installation are possible according to the site conditions. Standard lift, low lift, high Lift, Vertical Lift, follow the Roof etc.

  • Optional windows, Pass door, various locking systems, Safety systems available upon request
  • Customers can choose from various designs of panels and finishes.
  • All Doors are manufactured to the European Standards

Residential Garage Doors

Garage doors are modern solutions for small and medium sized garage openings. They have minimum space requirements, long service life and easy and safe to use.

The garage doors have a simple and unique balancing system based on tension spring mechanism. The doors are available with a wide range of lift types and can be adapted to any existing structure.

We also provide customers with the choice of exclusive premium designs which gives a beautiful and distinctive look to the house.

The doors could be operated in comfort with the electrical function, with the hand held transmitters.

Various panel designs are available in selection and with various colour options giving customers the choice of selection
  • Optional window inserts and vision panels are provided upon request
  • All doors are made to the European norms

Compact Doors/ Vertical Stacking Over Head Doors

Whatever is the building style, design or construction, compact doors or vertical stacking overhead doors provides unimpeded space for the most imaginative architectural flair with regards to material design, clear light access. The versatility of these doors is its unique installation method.

These doors have no counter balance springs or weights which would require adjustments and regular maintenance. The advanced system of the guiding system minimizes the forces on the moving parts.

  • The panels are available in various models
  • 40mm thick insulated panels
  • Full vision glazing

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